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Joking biography

It was not for chance if Andrea Landriscina was born in the European capital town of “tortellini”: hence he was able to demonstrate since his childhood a precocious vocation for obesity and for music.

He attended several courses avoiding with bold firmness that schools, workshops, academies and institutes, could negatively influence his culture.

Although he is wishing to spend his whole life dreaming, playing, meditating and reading (to say it shortly: very nicely and agreeably), he works mainly as musician, nevertheless involving eclectic and fanciful capabilities.

He hates to earn his living selling his own ideas, his own art and his own knowledge; but every time he reaches the peak of a financial disaster he can fairly lose out, understanding the rules of the life.

He spends his energies as conductor, musicologist, computer musician, teacher and arranger, because the magnificence of the achieved results gave the enthusiasm to fly towards more and more distant horizons.

He loves pets and good cooking, hates diets and hurry; he is merciless enemy of the “time is money” equation, although he normally lacks both.

He makes awfully angry everyone, who asks him his curriculum, even if he doesn't ever understand why.

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